• Origin Portsmouth NH
  • Genres Future bass/pop
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Born in Jacksonville FL, 26 years, Cadmium has made a second life through producing music and DJing at local gigs. He has been producing since the age of 20 and has dedicated most of his free time making music and studying in sound engineering. Cadmiums collaboration with Rival on the song “Daily” featuring Jon Becker got signed to Frequency Records on May 19, 2017 excelling his music career ever since.


Recent Releases
• Cadmium – Be with you (feat.Grant Dawson)
• Rival & Cadmium – Heartbeat (feat. Veronica Bravo)
• Rival & Cadmium – Seasons (feat. Harley Bird)
• Cadmium – Melody (ft. Jon Becker)
• Rival & Cadmium – Just Breathe (ft. Jon Becker)
• Cadmium – Darkness (ft. Frances Leone)
• Rival & Cadmium – Daily (ft. Jon Becker)

• MediMeisterschaften/ Obermehler Festivals
• Air Force 5k Event/culture awareness event