“The song is made with an enchantment in mind. The story told is about a spell that makes you admire the music at night and you can’t stop dancing to it. The Calypso Spell flows through your blood from one leg to the other and thus your body is tempted to keep moving until the next morning. But you can’t fight it, the only thing you can do is dance till death.”

I wrote this song because I love tropical sounding music. Unlike a typical dance song, I wanted to add a special layer, a unique story that fits in with the sound-idiom of my music. That’s why Calypso Spell sounds like a danceable song, but the theme of the lyrics is anything but typical for that genre.

This is how Calypso Spell comes to life.

The whole production is made with Latin and Caribbean influences combined with a touch of electronic pop. The thing I love about producing new music is to find a sort of fusion in sounds from different genres. That’s why I listen to all kinds of music, that gives me new ideas and connections to find out how a way to dive into a new song. I’d like to call it Electropical.

Artists that inspire me at the moment are: Stromae, Caravan Palace, C.W. Stoneking, FKJ, Tom Misch, Manu Chao.”

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